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1.How long will my installation / aerial replacement take? 1-2 hours

A few factors are taken into account when we access the time needed to install your new aerial, satellite dish and equipment. The size of your house / building, ease of access and the type of safety equipment we require for the installation. Potential routing for cables is also another important factor. However, all this considered, for our highly trained engineers, the installation of your new television aerial is a relatively simple job and should take around 1-2 hours

2. If I live on a top level  of a 3 storey building.  Can you still fit an aerial and are there any extra costs? YES

Working at any level off the ground can be hazardous if proper health and safety precautions and practices are not adhered to.
Select Aerial Services will individually access the potential risks and hazards for each job we undertake.
This will take the form of a correct risk assessment and a statement of methods to be used for the installation.
If the installation is to be on a building of 3 or more storeys, extra safety measures may be called for and could incur some extra cost. An example of this would be that senior, advanced engineers in pairs maybe required as well as a fall arrest system and harnesses.

All of our engineers are trained to work with these systems and to work at heights. If we are happy that your installation can be carried out safely, with all the health and safety issues in place, we will be happy to undertake it!

In the unlikely event of us considering your aerial installation too dangerous or access to the installation point to difficult for standard ladder access, we can still arrange for alternative ways to reach the installation point and these will be discussed.

3. If there is a problem with my existing aerial / cable points.  Can you fix this or do you just install aerials? YES

We can fix virtually any problem connected with aerial cables and television reception. Old outside connections, cables and splitter boxes can often become corroded due to letting in rain water over time. This can lead to all sorts of connection problems due to corroded contacts and cable cores. It is also possible that an amplifier or outlet plate has failed and needs replacing. Squirrels have even been known to gnaw loft aerial cables!
However, please don’t be concerned if this all sounds a bit worrying, cables can be easily replaced, they are not costly and shouldn’t take very long to do.

4. Will you need access  my loft space for the installation of my new aerial? NO, not unless you have specifically requested an installation in your loft.

We always recommend, wherever possible, an exterior aerial installation, i.e. to a chimney stack for example. Providing we are of course satisfied with any health and safety issues.
If a loft installation should be required, one of the main things to be considered is signal strengths in your area.
If your area has a weak signal, we may need to fit a high gain aerial with a ‘masthead amplifier’ to increase the signal to your equipment.
Weak aerial signals manifest as ’ghosting’ on analogue television and ‘pixilation’ and general break up of signal on digital television. Moving the aerial can cure this problem and it is rare that we would not be able to get a good enough signal. 

5. My Sky dish needs replacing, can you do this or do you just install aerials? YES

Select Aerial Services carry out many Sky dish digital installs and have a dedicated team of engineers who are specially trained to work at heights, if the dish requires this.

DID YOU KNOW also that sky mini dishes can be used for freesat?
Freesat is one of the newest  free to air TV providers,  offering a multitude of channels. It is similar to freeview but does not require an aerial outside,  just the mini dish and a freesat decoder.
Select Aerial Services also set up multi room installations for Sky, can install quad & octo lnbs & service your existing Sky dish.
 6. Do you guarantee all your installations? YES
All our installation work is guaranteed to the highest standards. Our confidence in our workmanship is such that we offer an extended warranty on all of our equipment and work and we are very rarely called back to an installation due to a fault. We expect our aerials to last ten to twenty years, or maybe even longer!

7. Can I have same day repair or ‘out of normal hours’ service? YES

We offer same day service and more! If an installation requires us to work late or outside normal working hours, we are happy to do this. An aerial may have become loose with the threat of falling and injuring someone and need urgent repair or attention.
A communal aerial may have failed causing residents to complain. We are sympathetic to all these types of situation which require a same day and possibly out of hours service. *

8. Do you cover all of London? YES

We do and further, we carry out TV aerial installation services to  Roehampton, Putney, Wandsworth, Southfield, Earlsfield, Tooting, Brixton, Streatham, Clapham Junction, Battersea, Clapham, Balham, Colliers Wood, Wimbledon Park, Merton, Raynes Park, Morden, New Malden, Sutton, Worcester Park, Chelsea, Kensington, Earls Court, West Brompton, Fulham, Hammersmith, Shepherds Bush, Bayswater, Maida Vale, Paddington, Notting Hill, Belgravia, Hyde Park, Pimlico, Victoria, Chiswick, Action, Barnes and Kew.
9. Will I need to be at home when the work to be carried out? NOT NESSASSARILY

We do prefer the owner of a property to be present for the installation and any consultation and authorisation prior to the work being carried out. A representative for the customer is of course perfectly acceptable providing they are reasonably well briefed on the work being undertaken.

10. Do you accept payments by credit or debit card?  YES

You can pay for you installation using any of the following, Visa, Solo, Maestro, Cash or Cheque. Credit facilities are available for corporate customers and companies but a credit account must be in place before any credit is authorised.





























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